Website Redesign And Maintence

Building a Web site is just the beginning. The website maintenance and updating of your site is a vital part in its continuing success. You want your site visitors to keep coming back, you want to make sure your product information is accurate and you need to know if your website promotion is hitting the mark

Technical web site Maintenance  services

In the current economic environment, companies, organizations and institutions alike are seeking ways to reduce costs, and add value to their marketing and communications strategies. Our professional Website Maintenance service deliverers just that.

Web Maintenance Services by third party can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website design professionals or web content programmers. These featured Guides and Articles can help you understand and implement most profitable web maintenance solutions.

Our web maintenance team works on projects that involve more than just maintaining existing websites and applications. They work on enhancing existing applications, adding new content, search engine optimization, bug fixing and constant technical support.

Speed Solutions can offer a range of repair services for your website we are experts in the following areas;

Broken Links - This is a common issue as technology or other website update, we can check your whole site for broken or missing links and also recommend where you could add new links.


It looks dated - If you are not happy with the way your site looks, then let us give it a makeover. Once your site has had the Website-Repair treatment it will be bug-free, attractive and compliant.


Unable to update it - we can add CMS fuctioanly for you so you can login and edit your site on the fly.


Add Pages - We can add more pages and update all relevant links.

Needs more features - Whether you want to add a form,forum or implement paypal on your site.


Speed Solution provide you your web maintenance requirements expertise in following areas:


Key Service Areas

Website maintenance services may include: :

  • Essential HTML and image management
  • Database and content management for dynamic websites
  • Web sever administration and hosting services
  • Distribution of email marketing campaigns
  • Website development updates using a wide variety of Web technologies